Buimerc Corporation Ltd, headquartered in Dubai, is an investment company that identifies and invests in a range of quality asset classes, including firms that show promise and deliver value. Incorporated, developed and nurtured within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) ecosystem, Buimerc promotes credible businesses by responsible allocation of capital. The fundamental process behind our investment approach, and capital allocation strategy, is thorough market research and an in-depth study of the respective industries. We ensure that such firms have an identifiable core competence and an accountable system of execution. Our wide ranging portfolio of investments consists of ventures in trading, education, real estate and banking. Our investments are either direct or through regulated financial platforms.

Over the years Buimerc has invested in-

  • Listed companies In India and select global markets.
  • Startup business through FDI
  • Real Estate enterprises; and
  • Subsidiary companies

Our primary activities are in three key areas

IDENTIFY: businesses that have impact and show sustainability and growth potential. We adopt detailed, and in-depth, market study and industry research which gives us an insight into the businesses. This in turn helps us in our investment, and strategic, decision-making process. This, of course, would not be possible without the efforts of our 250 odd employees spread over the UAE and India.

PROMOTE: such business ventures with strategic and financial planning, and invest in these subsidiary companies, helping them augment their growth.

MAINTAIN: the shareholding in the subsidiaries. Buimerc Corporation has under its wings four subsidiary companies presently, namely- Buimerc Corporation FZE, Bumga Hardware Trading LLC, Buimerc Core Investments Pvt. Ltd. and SB Global Educational Resources Pvt Ltd.

Buimerc Corporation also enables a continuing focus on contributing to finding solutions to many of the challenges faced by society in the education sector, environment sustainability, minority empowerment programs, and disaster relief in India through the Buimerc India Foundation, the CSR initiative of the group.

Chairman’s Message

Dear Stakeholders,

The last two years have been a challenging time for almost everyone across the world, going beyond geographical boundaries – from individuals to families to businesses and more.

The unexpected and unprecedented dynamics and persistence of the pandemic has disrupted the normal way of living, in more ways than one.

Logically, the world of business has had to combat volatility and uncertainty, in addition to inherent complexity and ambiguity, as routine business activities were affected, revenues dwindled, jobs were lost and many sectors faced financial ruin. Yet, businessmen and businesses have always shown that they can adapt and be resilient to survive the crisis.

Buimerc Corporation Ltd, like many others, has had to reassess and rework its purpose, plans and strategies for the years ahead, based on the learnings of the last few years.

The focus has now shifted to conserving precious resources, consolidation of the various assets, controlling any erosion of net worth, ensuring support to the operational companies in the group to enable them to ride the storm and at the same time, searching for opportunities that will strengthen the core and add value and intrinsic strength to the group.

We, at Buimerc, have always believed in the fundamental ideals of TEST- Transparency, Excellence, Strength and Trust and, we aspire to keep this ethos at the core of every decision that we make. Even though the next few years would continue to be demanding, Buimerc Corporation intends to leverage its strengths and accelerate the process of increasing its positive global footprint, albeit cautiously.

Our journey to build wealth has always been tempered with our philanthropic activities. The pandemic opened up new avenues for us to partake positively in holistic societal elevation, through the Buimerc India Foundation.

Lastly, the recent past has only cemented our belief in the obvious realization that we are all in this together…

Respect and regards,

Siddharth Balachandran
Executive Chairman & CEO
Buimerc Corporation Ltd

Core Values

Buimerc and its businesses believe in uncompromising adherence to the TEST ideals – Transparency, Excellence, Strength and Trust.

  • Absolute belief in transparency in the financial, commercial and executive dealings with all stakeholders.
  • Absolute belief in the constant and unstinting pursuit of sustained holistic excellence.
  • Absolute belief in strengthening the fundamentals of all businesses and ensuring continuous improvement across the important parameters of each business.
  • Absolute belief in facilitating trust across all levels of businesses

The Buimerc Pledge

  • To help improve the quality of life of the communities served.
  • To return to society what is earned and in doing so, evoke respect and trust among consumers, employees, shareholders and the community.
  • To be value driven. The TEST ideals alone shall direct the business and growth of Group companies.
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