Buimerc Corporation has established subsidiaries to diversify into different geographical areas and business activities that operate through independent governance. The Company ensures a balance between the degree of control that needs to be exercised over its subsidiaries and the degree of independence that they need to be provided with. Subsidiaries and associates follow systems and processes that reflect the same values, ethics and controls. All subsidiaries and associates are required to strictly comply with local laws, including laws related to local ownership, capital contribution, founding documentation and management composition.

Buimerc Corporation FZE

Buimerc Corporation FZE is one of the leading importers & traders of building materials, structural steels, White Wood, Plywood and General hardware items, in the United Arab Emirates and has been serving this sector for a few decades. The exponential growth of infrastructure and industry in Dubai and other Emirates has been central to the success of this operation. The main reasons for its sustained growth is the ability to successfully adapt to the changing dynamics of a modern Dubai and emerging business trends, while maintaining focus on customer satisfaction. The company believes that its unwavering faith in the underlying ideals of Trust, Reliability and Commitment, will help the journey towards excellence in customer service and building customer loyalty.

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Bumga Hardware Trading LLC

BUMGA Hardware Trading LLC was started in the year 2017, as an effort by Buimerc to extend its service to more business segments in Dubai.

It is a full-blown service enterprise that deals in a wide variety of general hardware and light engineering items to meet the urgent needs of small and medium businesses. Bumga Hardware Trading LLC is gaining market acceptance and being well appreciated for its wide range of products, versatility and, above all, its continued efforts at improving customer satisfaction.

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Buimerc Core Investments Pvt Ltd

Buimerc Core Investments Pvt. Ltd is an Indian core investment company, approved by RBI, investing into high quality companies. The Company is a 100% subsidiary of Buimerc Corporation. The focus of Buimerc Core Investments Private Limited is to contribute to economic empowerment by expanding its business portfolio with a well-balanced investment mix in select companies that have established themselves in their specific market categories, with their products/services, and have established a sustainable revenue model.

Buimerc’s internal processes ensures that it chooses only those companies that have a proven track record, that ensures corporate governance and that maintains professionalism in their holistic activities. To encourage creativity and youth, Buimerc also lends support to emerging start-ups and social entrepreneurs, subject to these companies meeting the norms laid down, subsequent to extensive due diligence.

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SB Global

SB Global Educational Resources Pvt Ltd, a group company, has built a reputation over the last fifteen years as a leader in the field of Skill development and Training. Over the years SB Global has been a catalyst for positive change, particularly amongst women and unemployed youth, whether they are students, job seekers, employees or those pursuing a livelihood for first time.

Launched in 2006, SB Global was the first authorized Training Partner of NSDC in Kerala. Over the years, SB Global has contributed substantially to the mission of Skill India by training and certifying over 50,000 youth in a wide range of vocational skills. SB Global also expanded its associations with several professional organizations for curriculum and certification in an effort to add greater value to those who seek employment. It is now the preferred CSR implementation partner for many corporates like Federal Bank, Cochin Shipyard, AVT, Adani, Manapuram FInance and more.

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Sreevaas Roofing Private Limited (SRPL)

Sreevaas Roofing Private Limited (SRPL), offering Roofing solutions, started commercial production to manufacture profiles from the three acre Chennai factory in 2010 and now offers the products from the second factory in Madurai , started in 2015. The SUDARSHANA brand of SRPL offer a wide range of Galvanised colour coated profiles in Galvanized and Galvalume steel for usage in the domestic market.

SRPL offers different profiles for Roof and Wall cladding panels as well as flashings, rain water and ventilation accessories that are required for buildings of conventional and PEB type.

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Buimerc India Foundation

Buimerc India Foundation is the CSR initiative of the group and is based out of India.

Buimerc believes that Philanthropy is much more than just a charitable donation and as a successful company, it must respond to the needs of the society and give back unhesitatingly. Buimerc is of the firm opinion, “To give when one has the power to give, is a not just a philosophy, but a discipline. Buimerc India Foundation is committed to supporting those NGOs who endeavour to improve the quality of life by identifying issues and finding solutions faced by the society. Innovations must address the greater need to solve humanitarian challenges and finding solutions to meet the needs.

Buimerc India Foundation has touched lives and made a difference in areas of Healthcare, Child Welfare, Women Empowerment, Environment, Animal Welfare, Art, Culture and Heritage and more.

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